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Chicken Biryani Recipe


Indulge in the aromatic delight of Chicken Biryani Recipe, a quintessential dish that epitomizes the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine. This classic recipe seamlessly blends fragrant basmati rice, tender chicken, and a symphony of spices to create a culinary masterpiece that tantalizes the taste buds. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or an amateur cook, mastering the art of Chicken Biryani Recipe promises a rewarding experience that will leave you craving for more. Let’s delve into the nuances of this beloved dish and uncover the secrets to crafting an unforgettable Chicken Biryani.

Chicken Biryani Recipe

Unlocking the Essence of Chicken Biryani:

Originating from the Indian subcontinent, Chicken Biryani has evolved into a cherished culinary gem celebrated worldwide for its robust flavors and aromatic profile. This dish is a harmonious fusion of Mughlai and South Indian influences, reflecting centuries of cultural exchange and culinary innovation. The key to an exceptional Chicken Biryani lies in the meticulous layering of ingredients, the precise balance of spices, and the gentle cooking technique that allows the flavors to meld together seamlessly.

Ingredients: To begin your journey into the world of Chicken Biryani Recipe

  • 2 cups basmati rice
  • 500g chicken, cut into pieces
  • 1 cup yogurt
  • 2 onions, thinly sliced
  • 3 tomatoes, chopped
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1-inch ginger, grated
  • 2 green chilies, slit
  • Whole spices (cinnamon, cardamom, cloves)
  • Fresh coriander leaves, chopped
  • Fresh mint leaves, chopped
  • Ghee or oil
  • Salt to taste


  1. Begin by washing the basmati rice thoroughly and soaking it in water for at least 30 minutes. This step ensures that the grains cook evenly and remain fluffy.
  2. In a large pot, heat ghee or oil over medium heat. Add the whole spices – cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and bay leaves – and sauté until fragrant.
  3. Add the sliced onions and cook until golden brown. Then, add the minced garlic, grated ginger, and slit green chilies, and sauté for a few minutes until aromatic.
  4. Incorporate the chopped tomatoes and cook until they soften and release their juices.
  5. Now, add the chicken pieces to the pot and cook until they are partially cooked. Then, add the ground spices – turmeric, coriander, cumin, and chili powder – along with salt to taste. Allow the chicken to simmer in the flavorful spices for a few minutes.
  6. In a separate bowl, whisk the yogurt until smooth, and then add it to the chicken mixture. Stir well to combine, ensuring that the chicken is coated in the yogurt marinade.
  7. Drain the soaked rice and add it to the pot, gently spreading it over the chicken mixture in an even layer. Do not stir.
  8. Sprinkle a handful of fresh cilantro and mint leaves over the rice, and drizzle saffron-infused milk on top for a vibrant hue and delicate aroma.
  9. Cover the pot with a tight-fitting lid and reduce the heat to low. Allow the Chicken Biryani Recipe to cook undisturbed for 20-25 minutes, until the rice is tender and the chicken is cooked through.
  10. Once cooked, gently fluff the rice with a fork, ensuring that each grain is separate and fragrant.
  11. Serve the Chicken Biryani hot, garnished with fried onions, sliced hard-boiled eggs, and a wedge of lemon for an extra burst of freshness.

Tips for Perfection:

  • Use quality ingredients, especially fragrant basmati rice and tender chicken pieces, for an authentic taste.
  • Adjust the spice levels according to your preference. You can increase or decrease the amount of green chilies and whole spices to suit your taste.
  • For added flavor, you can layer the Chicken Biryani with saffron-infused milk or rose water.
  • Serve the Chicken Biryani with raita, salad, or pickle for a complete meal experience.


Embark on a culinary adventure with the perfect Chicken Biryani recipe, savoring the blend of aromatic spices and succulent chicken pieces. Whether you choose to master the art of biryani-making at home or opt for the convenience of nearby restaurants, the enchanting flavors of this iconic dish are sure to leave you craving for more. Dive into the world of Chicken Biryani – a dish that transcends time and continues to captivate hearts and taste buds alike.


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